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Meet your dentists

Sarah Nicholas
Best thing about Maple Leaf? The patients.
I can't go a day without? A glass of orange juice
I'd rather be... Skiing
Favourite place? Nepal
Bucket list... Sundance film festival, road trip Morocco to Norway following the sun, Galapagos Islands

BChD(Leeds) GDC no 65135
Edward Storey
Best thing about Maple Leaf? Its fun to work with such a great team.
I can't go a day without? A decent cup of coffee
I'd rather be... Sailing
Favourite place? The Alps
Bucket list... Sail across the Atlantic, travel to South America, learn to play the saxophone

BChD(Leeds) GDC no 64384
Stephen Gibson
Best thing about Maple Leaf? The Staff + it takes less than 30mins to get to work (which is a novelty)
I can't go a day without? Polishing a composite
I'd rather be... a watch designer and maker
Favourite place? my kitchen
Bucket list... take a master knife skills course for sushi chefs in Japan.

BChD (Leeds) GDC no 760011
Sandy Mullen
Practice Manager
Best thing about Maple Leaf? The people.
I can't go a day without? Chocolate
I'd rather be... in a sunny place
Favourite place? Antigua
Bucket list... travel the world, spend time with elephants, sailing somewhere warm
Lizzie Mackay
Dental Nurse
Best thing about Maple Leaf? My colleagues.
I can't go a day without? a biscuit
I'd rather be... a vet
Favourite place? My bed
Bucket list... win the lottery, buy a farm

GDC no 147966
Faye Donald
Best thing about Maple Leaf? the hygienists of course!
I can't go a day without? smiling
I'd rather be... flossing
Favourite place? cleaning inside a mouth
Bucket list... save the world from gum disease, marry Daniel Craig, fix the lounge lights!

GDC no 5834
Sally Woodley
Best thing about Maple Leaf? The gang.
I can't go a day without? Brushing my teeth
I'd rather be... lying on a beach
Favourite place? Portugal
Bucket list... win the lottery, visit the Great Barrier Reef, learn to ride a motorbike

GDC no 3213
Elena Brooke
Dental Nurse
Best thing about Maple Leaf? Team spirit.
I can't go a day without? coffee
I'd rather be... on a beach
Favourite place? Nice
Bucket list... travel more, learn to play guitar, improve my cooking

GDC no 204285
Kirsty Maltby
Lead Dental Nurse
Best thing about Maple Leaf? The scanner, the people, the patients and the staff
I can't go a day without? Chocolate
I'd rather be... On safari
Favourite place? The seaside
Bucket list... go to space, drive around America in a convertible muscle car, scuba dive in the Maldives

See what our customers have to say

Cyndy Ramsden
Patient For 22 Years
Ciara O'Leary
Patient For 12 Years

A first class dental practice totally commited to the patient.

Christopher Green

How to look 10 yrs younger. Sort out your teeth! Best thing I’ve done. Great advice and care.

Chris Miller

Dental implants are clearly a very specialised area of dentistry. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Ed to sort out anyones dental problems.

Cyndy Ramsden

One word describes the service I received from the Maple Leaf Practice, and in particular Ed Storey — professionalism. An experience becoming increasingly rare in present times.

Dr Sheila Farnell

Always had very good treatmentand attention. Very friendly all staff, all seem very caring.

Gill Beanland

I am half way through an ‘Invisalign’ programme with Mapleleaf Dental & I am over the moon with both the treatment & the service from Ed & his team. As I was undecided to go ahead with ‘Invisalign’ initially, I now wish I had started it years ago. It has given me more confidence, & friends say that I look years younger. What a small price to pay to look & feel so good. Thanks everyone at Mapleleaf.

Dorothy Gaunt

The look and shape of my teeth had bothered me for years. I thought I was too old but Mapleleaf Dental and Invisalign made me realise that wasn’t the case. The level of service I received at Mapleleaf was amongst the best i’ve ever encountered. The staff were kind, friendly, sensitive to my needs and clearly very experienced. I was treated with the upmost regard in their modern, clean, relaxing environment. The treatment was wearing invisalgin. I now have the smile i’ve always dreamed of and i can’t thank Mapleleaf and especially Ed Storey enough.


The tooth was restored, and so was my good humour. Thank you for your efficiency and understanding.

Annette Harrison

I have been a client of Ed’s for a number of years-in fact since he and Sarah took over the Mapleleaf Practice-and can testify to his excellence at dentistry. He never fails to undertake the job whether large or small with great skill and technical ability. I would hesitate before asking any other practitioner to look after my teeth.

Lord Zetland

Invisalgin has transformed my smile and given me renewed confidence. It is relatively quick and easy to use and its great to see and feel transformation each week.

Lesley Wilson

The Mapleleaf Practice provides a very high standard of personal care, I recommend their Invisalign treatment to align teeth. It is remarkable.

Christopher Green